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Blackheath Automotive Services



Our certified specialists at Blackheath Automotive Services are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. Nothing makes us happier than to see you driving a well-maintained vehicle. When you put your car in our hands, you can be rest assured that we'll treat it with the same care and competency as if it were our own.


Founded in 1997, our family-owned business constantly adapts to the changing times by continually upgrading equipment and technologies.


Our NRMA-approved, experienced and knowledgeable mechanical engineers provide a wide range of services and maintenance on most car makes and models in our state of the art modern facility. Whilst caring for your car, we also care for the environment, and are constantly aiming to reduce our footprint. At Blackheath Automotive Services, we pride ourselves on always maintaining a professional and safe workshop ready to serve your mechanical needs.


When you have a new car, preserving the manufacturer’s warranty is important, but you don’t want to break your budget to get the service you need at authorised shops. Fortunately, Blackheath Automotive Services can help by providing expert service at unbeatable rates.

Despite what you may have heard, you can get log book servicing at places other than the franchise dealership where you bought your new car. Blackheath Automotive Services is fully prepared to maintain and repair your new vehicle.



Address: 216 Great Western Highway Blackheath, NSW 2785

Opening Hours: 8:00AM - 5:30PM Monday to Friday

Tel: (02) 4787 8151  |

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