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At Blackheath Automotive Services, we’ve changed the way car owners register their vehicles. Our Rego Express® offers one-stop, on-site renewal and registration services.

Our friendly professionals can handle your registration renewal, CTP green slip, and pink slip – usually in just 30 minutes. You won’t need to visit multiple locations.  We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience, including eftpos, credit cards, and cash.  We know busy car owners like you don’t have time for lengthy, bureaucratic processes,
so we process the registrations and renewals for you.

There are three different types of Vehicle Registration that we can process for you;

Car Keys
The Pink Slip

​The pink slip is an annual safety inspection required for vehicles that are at least five years old, as well as for load-carrying vehicles or those with four-wheel drive that are at least one year old. In most cases, Blackheath Automotive Services can inspect your vehicle and file the pink sip with registration renewal within 30 minutes.


Approximately one-third of all cars fail the safety inspection, but if this happens with your vehicle, we can repair it immediately as long as the necessary parts are in stock.

The CTP Green Slip

The CTP green slip is a certificate of the required third-party insurance. It does not cover property damage, but does apply in cases of personal injury.


When you need the CTP green slip, you can buy your new insurance policy or renew your current policy at Blackheath Automotive services.

Tail Light
Truck Headlight
The Registration Renewal

The registration renewal certifies that all registration fees have been paid to the RTA, and that the CTP green slip and the pink slip have been obtained.

Rego Express® consolidates the vehicle registration and renewal processes.


Vehicle owners previously had to complete three steps at three separate locations, but now they can complete all those same tasks at Blackheath Automotive Services in just a fraction of the time.


Come in today to see what a difference REGO Express® can make for you! 

Interested in booking in your Vehicle? Contact us today!

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