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When you have a new car, preserving the manufacturer’s warranty is important, but you don’t want to break your budget to get the service you need at authorised shops. Fortunately, Blackheath Automotive Services can help by providing expert service at unbeatable rates.

Despite what you may have heard, you can get log book servicing at places other than the franchise dealership where you bought your new car. Blackheath Automotive Services is fully equipped to maintain and repair your new vehicle. We are intimately familiar with manufacturers’ recommended services and we are authorised to validate your service book, thereby protecting the warranty on your new car.

We’re open five days a week, and we provide free, no-obligation price quotes for all our repair work.

Whatever is wrong with your car’s engine, Blackheath Automotive Services is more than qualified to fix it. We can repair minor and major engine damage. If your engine is beyond repair, we can fit a replacement engine for your car, or even rebuild the engine if a replacement is not available.

We provide a guarantee on our labour for up to 6 months, and at least a 12 month guarantee on new parts depending on manufacturer's warranty policies.

Interested in getting a quote? Contact us today!

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